Speak Business English Like An American Bonus Materials

We’re pleased to offer free bonus exercises for Speak Business Engliselabus-cover.jpegsh Like an American. Speak Business English Like an American teaches over 350 of today's most important business-related phrases and expressions through 30 lively and realistic dialogues.

Here are 6 crossword puzzles for you to download free of charge. Each time you finish a unit in Speak Business English Like an American (5 chapters), complete the appropriate crossword puzzle. Once you're finished, check your work with the answer key. All files are in PDF format. Enjoy!

Speak Business English Like an American
Crossword Puzzles with Answer Key
CROSSWORD PUZZLE #1 (Lessons 1-5)
CROSSWORD PUZZLE #2 (Lessons 6-10)
CROSSWORD PUZZLE #3 (Lessons 11-15)
CROSSWORD PUZZLE #4 (Lessons 16-20)
CROSSWORD PUZZLE #5 (Lessons 21-25)
CROSSWORD PUZZLE #6 (Lessons 26-30)

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