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Apps for English

We offer iPad, iPhone and Android apps to help you improve your English. You'll hear English as it's really spoken and do interactive exercises. Our Business English apps and everyday English apps have been downloaded by thousands of people in 50 countries. Read about our apps in English below or in:




New! Business English Negotiations

Do you want to be more effective when you speak English? Do you want to express yourself more clearly? Get what you want more often? Then you’ve found an app that will work for you! Introducing Business English Negotiations. Learn useful English vocabulary for negotiating successfully, resolving conflicts, and saying and getting what you want!

This app brings you:
•100+ of today’s most useful American English idioms & phrases
•Interactive exercises to reinforce the material
•Realistic scenarios complete with audio – a great way to improve your pronunciation!
•A built-in hangman game – you’ll have hours of fun playing while practicing your new vocabulary



Speak English Around Town

Videos help you learn and remember English in this fun and exciting new iPad app! You’ll see, hear, and read English as it’s really spoken. Learn the right way to say what you mean in daily situations. Introducing our newest app, Speak English Around Town. You get three lessons for FREE ... if you like them, you can make an in-app purchase of the remaining 12 lessons for only $9.99.

Through lively and realistic dialogs, Speak English Around Town teaches the expressions you need for everyday life. You’ll use these expressions when shopping, dining out, traveling, and during a dozen other daily activities.

>> More info & a video sample



Say it Better in English

Ready to speak better English at work and in your everyday life? This iPad app teaches over 300 English expressions through lively and interactive methods. 

Cartoons show you how each expression is used in real-life situations. Click on the speaker and the cartoon comes to life with audio. The fast and fun cartoon method has helped thousands of busy people and it can help you too!

>> More info & a video review



Speak English Like an American app - Our #1 bestseller! - available in versions for iPad, iPhone & Android

Hear American English as it's really spoken from native speakers with this popular ESL app. Master over 300 American English expressions and idioms. Record yourself reading the dialogues and play them back. Learn from 25 lessons that tell the story of an American family. You join the family for their adventures and learn lots of new expressions, sayings, and idioms along the way. This app is based on our bestselling book and audio CD Speak English Like an American. Improving your English has never been so much fun! >> More info & video review

Speak English Like an American for Android


Speak English Like an American for iPad


Speak English Like an American for iPhone/iPod



Speak Business English I & II

Learn over 200 Business English expressions in each app. Speak Business English I & II are based on the bestselling book Speak Business English Like an American. Take interactive quizzes. Listen to native speakers read the dialogs. Record yourself, play it back, and compare yourself with the native speakers. What a fun and effective way to improve your American pronunciation!

Lessons include: talking about company strategy, running a meeting, motivating co-workers, talking about financial issues, discussing good and bad results, and more. 
>> More info & a video review

Speak Business English I for iPad


Speak Business English I for iPhone/iPod


Speak Business English II for iPad


Speak Business English II for iPhone


 NEW! Speak Business English for Android

Based on the bestselling book Speak Business English Like an American, this app will teach you the expressions and idioms you need for work. The app teaches 400 important business English expressions through realistic busines scenarios. Topics include: running a meeting, discussing strategy, motivating co-workers, talking about financial issues, conducting a performance review, negotiating, and much more.


businessenglishpowerverbs.pngBusiness English Power Verbs

Master 101 of the most important business English verbs with the new Business English Power Verbs app! Learn to use verbs like leverage, tout, exhort, and skyrocket just like a native speaker. Two sentence examples are given for each verb – complete with audio so you can listen and repeat. Two sets of exercises let you test your new knowledge and get immediate feedback. Complete with audio so you can hear your new vocabulary in action! >> More info

Business English Power Verbs for iPad


 Business English Power Verbs for iPhone




Business English Power Idioms

Ready to impress your colleagues and business contacts? The Business English Power Idioms app will help you speak better Business English. Power your English by mastering 100 important business English expressions and idioms. Complete with audio so you can hear your new vocabulary in action! Hear English as it’s really spoken by native speakers – a great way to remember the idioms and to improve your pronunciation

• Practice with ease with handy flashcards
• Create your own customized study set for more effective learning
• Take dozens of interactive quizzes – with immediate feedback and reward icons so you can feel good while you study



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